Poems In Progress

Blues Song for the Love Sprung

Dismal are Sunday rains. Mind drifts to cryptic messages you scribd in collarbone hollows, vibrating in sync with the wicked force of your body, exploring the depths of my quaint heat dripping warm cream. Dare to picture the results such extraordinary fantasy motivates. Soul unions are unpredictable; your enchantment? Unparalleled. Body aches remind me of… Continue reading Blues Song for the Love Sprung

Poems In Progress

3/9/15: 100 Words (pt. 1)

Use these 10 words (or their variations) in a poem of 100 words: eyesome, kickshaw, hum, succorance, dalles,, oily, languid, suffuse, baleful, curve, My soul is still eyesome, though solitary; it's mask, an oily collection of misleading expressions and mismatched genetics. Mind be a ceaseless succorant, humming like the ancient motor under daddy's favorite car… Continue reading 3/9/15: 100 Words (pt. 1)