Journal Entries, shadow work

So I’ve Been Bullet Journaling…

And I must say that for me, its both productive and meditative.  I have tried coloring mandalas (which I enjoy, but don't do enough to make a notable difference). I have fought a pretty constant struggle with self-discipline, financial responsibility, and self motivation in all areas of life.  A lot of these issues stem from a journey to… Continue reading So I’ve Been Bullet Journaling…

Journal Entries, shadow work

Some time(s)

Sometimes, in life something happens to us, or around us, or we act in a way that brings results that change not only the way we see but how we go about looking and being seen by the world.  Relationships teach us, events awaken us, words penetrate us. Suddenly, we are unfamiliar to ourselves. There's… Continue reading Some time(s)

Poems In Progress, Stream of Conscious (SOC)

S.o.c. 5/16/15

"Its okay to be your own focus." I say to myself during each moment of divine clarity that pass so swiftly im reminded acutely of cowardice in past time regarding all markers of personal progression. Ive made a vow to dwell there no other reason than to learn. Thus I digress.  Let me not revel… Continue reading S.o.c. 5/16/15