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10/12/18 Open Arms Reading

*** *I will be posting random readings for those seeking guidance.  These readings may or may not resonate and are simply pulled as I have the urge to read for whatever reason.  Do not apply them to your situation if they do not obviously resonate with your energy.  They are for fun and practice, but… Continue reading 10/12/18 Open Arms Reading

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Tarot Spread: Open Arms to Love

This spread is to give one person (single or committed) and overview of their love life, what affects them and what they may do in order to manifest the type of love relationship they desire. Descriptions are included in the image for easy saving 🙂  

tarot, transformation

Tarot Spread: Relationship Ankh

  This spread is meant to clarify a relationship between two people regardless of what kind. The shape is an ankh because the goal of any relationship should be creation (be it new life, new understanding, experience, or abundance). 1. Best Outcome/Mutual Expectations This is the best result possible from an intentional bond between the… Continue reading Tarot Spread: Relationship Ankh