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Taurus February 2018 General Monthly Tarot


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November 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Past (1,4,7) The Hierophant, Two of Cups [r], Four of Pentacles [r] - We've learned to manage our ways out of situations and thought patterns that leave us feeling isolated or conversely, getting into deeper touch with our own inner knowing has allowed us to release our fears where vulnerability is concerned.  Spiritual grounding and… Continue reading November 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast

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My Life, the Hashtag

Today, I'm in a better mood although my childhood friend and Instagram both implied (rather similarly) that I've got nothing to lose in reaching out to LOML in an attempt to clarify the issues that led to our falling out. I believe my fuck-ups and the perceptions of them were not really in line although… Continue reading My Life, the Hashtag

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When they’ve seen your darkness… — RAW PAGAN

When he’s seen your darkness and he still held you tight in his arms When screams and tears tore at his soul yet he stood tall with his shoulder over your trembling body and his voice contained When words of pain penetrated his being, but he received it with gentle calmness One knew they were… Continue reading When they’ve seen your darkness… — RAW PAGAN

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Tarot Spread: Open Arms to Love

This spread is to give one person (single or committed) and overview of their love life, what affects them and what they may do in order to manifest the type of love relationship they desire. Descriptions are included in the image for easy saving 🙂  

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Tarot Spread: Relationship Ankh

  This spread is meant to clarify a relationship between two people regardless of what kind. The shape is an ankh because the goal of any relationship should be creation (be it new life, new understanding, experience, or abundance). 1. Best Outcome/Mutual Expectations This is the best result possible from an intentional bond between the… Continue reading Tarot Spread: Relationship Ankh