She’ a dark music, rhythm full of soul and think. Hers is syncopated real. Flesh dance like shivers, heart jiving to a hopscotch joint lasting her ‘til dawn. Black deep like cosmos, pride thicker than spinning wool, fear sharp as her tongue… A razor’ cutting edge, she is like man in pursuit of his prize. She is … Continue reading

Freewrite 1/6/14

freewrite 1/6/14 4:45 pm Heart hurts go far deeper than denial, they are bone, soul, and REM sleep deep, dipping into my daydreams and dense too, I am thick so I hold them even farther inside, Hips so wide you can’t see the weight of wait without work. Contractions without labor become poems without paper. Thick thighed, thick … Continue reading Freewrite 1/6/14

AWWJE: Patterns & Personalities

Journaling Prompt: Brainstorm a list of circumstances and people surrounding your recurring pattern. For example, do you tend to attach yourself to "the wrong kind of person", when you're scared and insecure, or happy and unguarded? What was happening in your life just before and after each occurrence. Circle(I'm coloring them) surrounding circumstances that seem … Continue reading AWWJE: Patterns & Personalities