Shadow Work Questionaire – Stream of Conscious

I am going to be journaling on these questions and then pulling 2 tarot cards for each question for the remainder of the month. Kelly Ann Maddox, this was a great series of questions to think on, and I’m excited to share many recent insights with my readers 🙂 How judged do you tend to feel on a daily basis? Explore how much of that perceived … Continue reading Shadow Work Questionaire – Stream of Conscious

So I’ve Been Bullet Journaling…

And I must say that for me, its both productive and meditative.  I have tried coloring mandalas (which I enjoy, but don’t do enough to make a notable difference). I have fought a pretty constant struggle with self-discipline, financial responsibility, and self motivation in all areas of life.  A lot of these issues stem from a journey to restore stable and autonomous self work and confidence. Even more of … Continue reading So I’ve Been Bullet Journaling…

2018 Personal Mantra

In the last year planetary energy (specifically the Leo/Aquarius Nodal change and eclipses and the end of my Saturn return), combined with my personal pursuit of internal peace through shadow work, emotional growth through release, and spiritual study and evolution has provided me with some eye-opening, game changing, and ultimately necessary truths.  The insights I’ve come into continually increase both in depth and value, while ultimately putting … Continue reading 2018 Personal Mantra

‘Rolling in the Deep’

So a ‘friend’ essentially stopped talking out of the blue without an explanation after being kind of testy beforehand.  I asked for an explanation repeatedly and was ignored and when the person finally decided they wanted to communicate, addressing the maltreatment wasn’t on their agenda. So now, there is no communication. Frankly, I don’t expect this sort of maladaptive response to processing his emotions is … Continue reading ‘Rolling in the Deep’

Journal: Newness Pending

I spent the morning lounging around, then getting coffee @Starbucks while copying notes and such from one planner to another because it made me feel as if I was being productive while actually accomplishing nothing. Now, I’m in the library about to do some tarot study for the 1st Leo New Moon.  I’m going to try to do 6 readings tonight, 6 tomorrow since I’ve … Continue reading Journal: Newness Pending

To bring love to me I learn to love me.

Because anybody who enters now must catch my wave. I want to bring in a healthy, passionate, long-lasting lover into my life that grows me respects me, and sees me clearly.  I want to invest in someone who also wants to be seen by me so we may relearn intimacy.  Getting lost and found in a connection as authentic as my immortal soul is the … Continue reading To bring love to me I learn to love me.

AWWJE: Patterns & Personalities

Journaling Prompt: Brainstorm a list of circumstances and people surrounding your recurring pattern. For example, do you tend to attach yourself to “the wrong kind of person”, when you’re scared and insecure, or happy and unguarded? What was happening in your life just before and after each occurrence. Circle(I’m coloring them) surrounding circumstances that seem to accompany with the main pattern. 6.3.2015: Enter the Interpersonal … Continue reading AWWJE: Patterns & Personalities

I remember…

…things based on how emotionally attached I was/am in the moment.
There are moments, phrases, feelings and situations I remember with glaring clarity.   Every nuance of them  replays in my mind like a record skipping under an old needle.  It’s not that they are always pleasant to remember (frankly, most aren’t), but because of how they’d affected me emotionally as they occurred.  Brief excerpts of old conversations with mothers, friends, lovers, even bosses float up into consciousness like wildfire smoke.

At opposite ends of my capacity to remember are things preplanned routines, the location of my Continue reading “I remember…”