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‘Rolling in the Deep’

So a 'friend' essentially stopped talking out of the blue without an explanation after being kind of testy beforehand.  I asked for an explanation repeatedly and was ignored and when the person finally decided they wanted to communicate, addressing the maltreatment wasn't on their agenda. So now, there is no communication. Frankly, I don't expect… Continue reading ‘Rolling in the Deep’

Journal Entries

Slow & Steady Revival of the True Self

I've been feeling more and more a sense of authentic and deserved confidence in myself as an individual and in the path I've chosen to pave for myself and embark upon.  I am no longer afraid of not knowing what's ahead.  I recognize my own ability to create healing from whatever circumstances I encounter.  I… Continue reading Slow & Steady Revival of the True Self

Journal Entries, shadow work

Releasing to Make Space for Receiving…

Lately, I'm beginning to get more clear on what I need for growth and fulfillment in all areas of life.  I'm being forced to recognized and accept that while frustrating and often painful, releasing ideas, material things, and even some relationships that no longer feel oriented toward growth and healing is necessary.  It's a learning… Continue reading Releasing to Make Space for Receiving…

Journal Entries

There is no feeling more heavy…

... than the weight of carrying your old self around in search of the new within you. There is no task more daunting and yet more necessary and more powerful than acceptance in the face of that discovery. NO act is more important on a path to authenticity than letting go of the old you… Continue reading There is no feeling more heavy…

Poems In Progress

3/9/15: 100 Words (pt. 1)

Use these 10 words (or their variations) in a poem of 100 words: eyesome, kickshaw, hum, succorance, dalles,, oily, languid, suffuse, baleful, curve, My soul is still eyesome, though solitary; it's mask, an oily collection of misleading expressions and mismatched genetics. Mind be a ceaseless succorant, humming like the ancient motor under daddy's favorite car… Continue reading 3/9/15: 100 Words (pt. 1)