My Life, the Hashtag

Today, I’m in a better mood although my childhood friend and Instagram both implied (rather similarly) that I’ve got nothing to lose in reaching out to LOML in an attempt to clarify the issues that led to our falling out. I believe my fuck-ups and the perceptions of them were not really in line although I can certainly admit responsibility for our disconnect. I’m simply … Continue reading My Life, the Hashtag

S.O.C. 9/13/17

Taken for granted, for silly, for surface, I recall old lessons hard learned and their determined resurgence nevermind depth or the sea of tears secretly wept simultaneously. We; me, he, and she profusely professing in silence and salt the truth of hearts hardened and healing halted. Drip drop stains on cheek bones we try so hard to conceal, desperate diving into despondence seeking to discover … Continue reading S.O.C. 9/13/17

Taking a Trip to Face the Shadow

I am not at all unclear about my failings in the visit to Pittsburgh, but aI almost feel it’s for the best and it certainly taught me much about myself.  I didn’t embody or act on my own intentions to communicate openly and confidently what I did or didn’t want or expect. A part of that was assuming I understood the meaning behind the demeanor … Continue reading Taking a Trip to Face the Shadow

Journal: Newness Pending

I spent the morning lounging around, then getting coffee @Starbucks while copying notes and such from one planner to another because it made me feel as if I was being productive while actually accomplishing nothing. Now, I’m in the library about to do some tarot study for the 1st Leo New Moon.  I’m going to try to do 6 readings tonight, 6 tomorrow since I’ve … Continue reading Journal: Newness Pending

AWWJE: Patterns & Personalities

Journaling Prompt: Brainstorm a list of circumstances and people surrounding your recurring pattern. For example, do you tend to attach yourself to “the wrong kind of person”, when you’re scared and insecure, or happy and unguarded? What was happening in your life just before and after each occurrence. Circle(I’m coloring them) surrounding circumstances that seem to accompany with the main pattern. 6.3.2015: Enter the Interpersonal … Continue reading AWWJE: Patterns & Personalities