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‘Rolling in the Deep’

So a 'friend' essentially stopped talking out of the blue without an explanation after being kind of testy beforehand.  I asked for an explanation repeatedly and was ignored and when the person finally decided they wanted to communicate, addressing the maltreatment wasn't on their agenda. So now, there is no communication. Frankly, I don't expect… Continue reading ‘Rolling in the Deep’

Journal Entries, shadow work

Wake up! Your gift is calling…

There have been many epiphanies lately in light of my reflection on self sabotage, participation in essentially dissatisfying connections, and hesitancy when it comes to wholeheartedly pursuing my passions.  I realize that a lot of these issues and behaviors are from a toxic and internalized belief that was re-iterated to me often as a child… Continue reading Wake up! Your gift is calling…

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Poetries, Podcasting, & Politikin

What it do, kinfolk?  I've been gradually reworking some plans and personal goals and using my creativity in different ways (i.e., outside the realm of writing) and had an idea for a regular podcast and I'm excited because it's slowly, but surely coming together.  I don't want to give all the details because I'd like… Continue reading Poetries, Podcasting, & Politikin