AWWJE: Patterns & Personalities

Journaling Prompt: Brainstorm a list of circumstances and people surrounding your recurring pattern. For example, do you tend to attach yourself to “the wrong kind of person”, when you’re scared and insecure, or happy and unguarded? What was happening in your life just before and after each occurrence. Circle(I’m coloring them) surrounding circumstances that seem to accompany with the main pattern. 6.3.2015: Enter the Interpersonal … Continue reading AWWJE: Patterns & Personalities

I remember…

…things based on how emotionally attached I was/am in the moment.
There are moments, phrases, feelings and situations I remember with glaring clarity.   Every nuance of them  replays in my mind like a record skipping under an old needle.  It’s not that they are always pleasant to remember (frankly, most aren’t), but because of how they’d affected me emotionally as they occurred.  Brief excerpts of old conversations with mothers, friends, lovers, even bosses float up into consciousness like wildfire smoke.

At opposite ends of my capacity to remember are things preplanned routines, the location of my Continue reading “I remember…”