Weekly Tarot Forecast 5/7-5/13/18

Decks Used: Deviant Moon Tarot & Voyager Tarot Overall Messages (bottom of the deck): #8ofWands (rx) & #5ofWands (rx)  Sometimes restricting the exchange of energy is the only way to resolve a conflict or circumvent petty behavior, meaningless competition, or communication blockages.  Someone may be cut off due to these behaviors or may be called out for not walking … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Forecast 5/7-5/13/18


Weekly Tarot Forecast 4/30 -5/6/18

  DECKS USED: Night Sun Tarot & Mystic Mondays Overall Energy (bottom of the deck): 2 of Swords & The Lovers It’s time for a big decision! Today, we are faced with a head or heart decision, possibly one that will significantly change our lives and those of others. It seems like Venus’ transit into … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Forecast 4/30 -5/6/18

Jupiter Transits to Pluto

A long term transit that has become quite acute as it also squares the moon and trines my natal IC and is currently in opposition to Venus. *lordt*

Jessica Davidson

Jupiter PlutoWhen Jupiter transits natal Pluto the desire for growth and expansion influences how you use your inner power and how you evolve on a deep unconscious level. Jupiter represents the aspiration to improve your life and expand into new experiences by broadening your horizons.

When Jupiter transits Pluto it expands your unconscious depths so it’s hard to know exactly what will come up. Whatever has been hidden in the subconscious could resurface now and you will have to confront it. This doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Many of the things we repress are positive. Whatever happens you’ll have the opportunity to find out more about how you use your inner resources and your personal power will be increased, improved and expanded.

This is a good time for working towards any kind of self-improvement. Jupiter can free you from blockages in your subconscious that stop you from living a…

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