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Hey all I’m Kori!

I am a tarot reader and astrologer here to share my intuitive/empathic gifts with others in the interest of mutual understanding, healing, and collective evolution. I post general info on Tarot and Astrology and how they connect to our personal and collective spiritual and healing journeys. This includes General Monthly Tarot/Astrology readings and humorous commentary on the zodiac via my YouTube Channel. Please like share and subscribe if you enjoy. 🙂

If you are interested in a personal reading, please contact me by email to schedule.

I will answer any questions re: my general readings by email/comment (there’s no charge, lol).

My rates are below for those interested in scheduling a reading for themselves. I also award free random readings to those who subscribe to my YouTube and leave detailed comments. If you would like to donate, my PayPal information is below.

Make a donation here!

1 Question (w/clarifying cards) $2.50 *text only*
10 minutes (1 topic up to 3 questions) $5 Text or $15 for private recording
30 minutes (2 topics up to 5 questions) $20
General Life Progress Reading $50-80  (Any topic Love/Home/Finance/Spirituality 45min-1.5 hr 3 Spreads)

Solar Return Spread $45
*note* This is a text reading so that you can refer back to it and because of the number of cards involved.

My Astrology
Leo Sun/Moon
Scorpio Rising (Sag intercepted)
Capricorn Mars/Neptune
Virgo Venus
Cancer Mercury
Pisces Jupiter
Sagittarius Saturn/Uranus
Scorpio Pluto

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