Weekly Tarot Forecast 6/4 – 6/10/18

Decks Used: #RiderWaiteTarot & #AfterTarot

Overall Message for the Collective:
#2ofPentacles #WheelofFortune #PageofPentacles (rx) #4ofSwords #7ofSwords #Death (rx) #TheHighPriestess

We are learning to ground ourselves and make new decisions with significant long term effects on the future. Moving forward requires we #balance the many aspects of our lives with each other and that we also come into internal balance energetically so that we may invite in our desired experiences. Some of us are having trouble making these decisions or following through on them or at the very least some are being inconsistent in their efforts to self-heal. Others of us are taking time out to rest and clarify our needs, desires, and the consequences of seeking them out. The #clarity we receive at this time will deeply impact us emotionally, and we are called to utilize our #intuition and logical decision making skills to choose what in our lives is no longer serving change for the better and how best to release it while maintaining #integrity and momentum. #Manifestation of #joy and #abundance results from how practically and consistently we integrate and act on the lessons we’ve learned through the energetic cycle that is coming to an end.

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