Journal Entries

The Healing Power of Engaging Intuition

I did my tarot reading for the new moon and the readings for others I’ve done recently have given me much clarity on the intentions I want to set for my own growth and healing and also the goals I want to set as I pursue my purpose.  Mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.  Foundation building in all aspects of life is what a 4 year is about numerologically speaking and mine is about over. While I realized that I’ve come out much improved, I’ve also recognized how much more space there is for additional improvement.  There are many areas of life and many habits that keep me unstable still and so I am learning to be grateful for all the chances for growth and the space available for it.

My intentions are set for limitless growth, stability, and holistic health.  With a Leo Sun and Moon, I have to learn that it’s ok sometimes to want it to be all about me.  I keep seeing butterflies everywhere I go lately and spiders have also been excessively visible lately confirming for me that there’s a great transformation occurring within and that I can’t encompass all of it on a conscious level, but that doesn’t negate the magnitude of it.

I’m also clarifying and setting boundaries regarding my connections and having my needs met with the same amount of energy with which I engage other people, especially on an intimate, emotional level. I’ve accepted that I need to go deep to feel trust, to feel connected, to feel valued I need my depth reciprocated.  The idea of openly communicating in a way  that brings clarity and security to all parties is what I’m speaking to but I don’t want to have to force, coerce, or persuade someone to participate in that with me. I want to engage people who are dedicating themselves to openess and healing. It’s time for me to come out of the cocoon.

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