Full Moon in Capricorn July 2017 – “A True Manifestation of the Emotional Self”


The New Moon in Cancer and the stellium of personal planets there (Sun, Moon, Mercury, & Mars) had us traveling involuntarily into the realm of the unconscious, our hidden emotions, & our most acute sensitivities.  Those of us who set intentions during that time will now have to contest with the energy of a full moon in Cancer’s opposite sign, Capricorn, in addition to the already high planetary focus on our most tender spots as we look to manifest those ideas/inspirations/emotional healing.

The moon moves into the 2nd decan and 17º of Capricorn on July 9th, highlighting issues surrounding boundaries and responsibilities.  Boundaries are what keep us safe, but they also create the illusion of duality, which can sometimes be huge gray area for some.  That between masculine and feminine, mine/yours/ours, responsibility and selfish indulgence, limitation and expansion, to let go or to hold on.  We are now in a…

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